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~ true story~
at donatos, i see tripps keys and i take them hand them to dort who then puts the keys in his pocket. like 20 mins later tripp is like whoa where are my keys, i start giggling and then take a leave of absence to the bathroom when i get back tripp is still looking and christina is helping, i told tripp that i took them and gave them to someone in the back, he goes back to yell at them and yea pretty confused back there, christina askes where i put them, i tell her i put them in the bathroom, she goes to look, no luck, i tell her no the boys bathroom, she goes to look, comes out w/ keys LOL she gives them to tripp, hes like wow these arnt my keys...hahaha mahoney, tipp, christina, micah come to the conclusion that the keys are to a volvo, i was like what those arnt your keys? then whose keys did i effing take? lol (lots of it) tripp, chris, mahoney all go to look for a volvo in the parking lot leaving me micah and dort inside, i fill micah in on what's really goin on and yea she couldnt stop laughing which made me laugh even harder and well it got pretty confusing when tripp went back to the back again and ben (worker) comes out and says the keys are he asked how i got his keys...hehe but yea we eventually give tripp his keys while laughing histarically at what a night!!! that was way to much fun
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